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8 Advantages of advertising on Facebook

Updated: Oct 23

We now live in a world where we have become prone to technology. Social media addiction is at its peak with Facebook being the most used social media platform of them all.

From building brand awareness to gaining new customers Facebook Advertising has helped many businesses to grow online! It helps brands to deliver their message to the right audience in an interactive and fun manner.

Here are a few listed benefits of advertising on Facebook over other online advertising platforms –

The Most browsed Social Media Platform

Facebook users hail from countries all around the globe and consist of all age groups. According to a study conducted in 2020 Facebook has 2.70 billion monthly active users. If this whopping figure doesn’t blow your mind, it also has 1.83 billion active users that visit the platform consistently every day. The same research also discovered that the most hooked users spend an average of eight hours on the social networking platform and log onto their account over 20 times a day. The majority of your potential customers are on Facebook, hence you should be on it as well. Now more than ever Facebook should be at the top of your list for advertising as it the most browsed social networking site in the world.

Exceptional and Precise Targeting Capabilities

To get considerable results with social media advertising, one of the most vital factors is targeting the correct audience. Facebook tends to show your ads to users who are most likely to find your ads relevant. Further, you can target your ad delivery by selecting an audience. Facebook offers an extensive range of targeting options that will aid you in finding the correct niche of your audience. It gives you precise and detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. It also allows you to target based on specific life events, which further helps you to catch your ideal customer at the perfect purchase point. A Lookalike Audience is one more targeting option that is unique to Facebook ads. Wherein, you can reach new people who are similar to your best existing customers. The level of granularity you get with Facebook targeting is beyond belief.

Most Affordable Form of Advertising

Facebook is the best bang-for-your-buck marketing option available today for small businesses. It delivers the best results for your business within your budget. Facebook’s improved advertising tools have resulted in a steady increase in its CTR (Click -Through -Rate). This has enabled business owners to use the platform appropriately. Due to the constant upgrades in targeting options and creativity, businesses can now effectively reach their target audience, and they can do so at a minimal cost. Your Facebook marketing cost will differ, obviously depending upon various elements including your industry, audience, objectives, and optimization settings. Just ensure that you set a decent daily budget for the ads so that you don’t surpass what you are able to spend.

Far More Amplified Reach than Organic Posts

In case you're maintaining a business page, you are probably not even aware that your organic post reaches only a small portion of your followers. It may sound intense, yet it’s completely true. With Facebook paid ads you will be able to reach a far wider audience than just your organic efforts. This is because in the course of the past few years Facebook has been focusing more on posts from family and friends more frequently. On the other hand, it has been decreasing the visibility of business pages in the news feed, viably putting business pages on the back seat. Chances are by spending Rs.100 per day on Facebook ads you can reach 4000 users that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you know how to correctly create and target Facebook ads, the return it will give will be worth every single penny.

Retargeting Audience Who Already Know You

Remarketing means advertising to visitors or audiences that have shown interest in your business or interacted with your brand in the past but haven’t purchased yet. It is another effective method of converting your potential customer, as Facebook Remarketing ads get 3 times more engagement in comparison to regular Facebook ads. It allows you to anchor on the audience who are in-market and remind them how incredible your product is or why choosing your service will be the right thing. On Facebook for retargeting you need to install the Facebook pixel – a snippet code and paste it on all the pages of your website. This pixel will track the engagement of interested users. Then from the pixel data, you can create a Custom Audience to define the users you want to retarget.

Diversity in Ad Formats

Facebook acquires the topmost position in terms of the range of ad options it makes available in comparison to other social media platforms. For every marketing funnel stage, there are multiple options available. However, Video ads and images are the most commonly used formats. Also, it is worth noting that all ad formats assimilate visual elements as well as some text providing you a brilliant opportunity to showcase your business along with familiarizing it. All these available ad formats can prove to be a boon for the advertisers as they help in making user-centric posts. Strong user-oriented ads boost recall value and engagement. On the other hand, a purpose-developed ad tends to seem deliberate rather than inadvertent and can often be avoided by many users.

Diversity in Ad Objectives

To get considerable ROI your Ad objectives should always align with your business goals. One of the major benefits of advertising on Facebook is that you get a wide range of objectives to choose from. Facebook is the only platform that favorably serves relevant ads to users at any point of their engagement journey. It aims at showing something that will rouse a user’s curiosity and persuade them to research further at the right time. These wide ranges of objectives are useful to drive a potential user towards the end goal of your business whether the user is just initiating their research or casually browsing, or upper funnel stages, or has a mindset to transact. Also, advertisers can take advantage of Facebook’s custom Call-to-Action button that helps in enhancing the performance of your ad.

Robust and Measurable Performance

Reporting and tracking the result is a vital component of any Ad Campaign. Facebook is boundless when it comes to giving you detailed analytics and reports about the performance of your campaign. It has an extensive set of metrics depending upon the format of the ad. There’s no requirement of guesswork or making assumptions about what is working and what is not. Facebook Ads Manager provides you a neatly arranged data of your campaign’s conversion rate and other social metrics. You can gain insights on metrics like post engagement, weekly reach, likes, conversions, clicks, and even sales. By analyzing this data, you can make the required changes in your ads to improve their performance and plan your next step towards the future strategy.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Advertising can take your business to new heights. But bear in mind there is a learning curve that you need to go through. Working with Ads Manager is not plain sailing, and you will not get the expected results overnight.

However, dedication is the key to success. If you devote your time to learning how the platform works and test your ads multiple times, you will find spending money on Facebook to be worth it.

Discover how Facebook Advertising can be beneficial for your business –

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This article was written by,

Kulsum Shaikh - A knowledge geek and a client service and brand solutions associate.

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