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Top 4 facts about the new ZOOM alternative Made In India

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The last few months have witnessed a paradigm shift in business operations, making way for what can be termed a new normal. The changed spectrum is heavily reliant on remote operations and ‘working from anywhere’ culture. With the very idea of workplaces changing so rapidly, the need for video conferencing tools has increased manifold. Smart conferencing, virtual meetings, and holistically reformed digital interactions are now the norm. However, cybersecurity remains a key necessity for enterprises and secure video conferencing will play a critical role in their transition to the new normal.

Airtel has recently come up with their own video calling platform BlueJeans to counter Zoom and JioMeet. Airtel promises to supply enterprise security and is providing it for free of charge for 3 months. Though this does not sound anything new, there are many interesting facts about it. They also make sure that the info is protected under the California Privacy laws.

Here Are The Interesting Facts About Airtel BlueJeans : -

Security and Confidentiality - Your business needs secure video conferencing that ensures complete confidentiality of sensitive and business-critical meetings. Meetings and discussions need to be carefully monitored to prevent uninvited participants from joining your meetings.

Secure video conferencing made simple with Airtel BlueJeans Encrypted Meetings: All video, audio, and content in transit will be encrypted to deliver improved security and faster performance. Keeping in mind the rapidly-evolving connectivity and video conferencing needs of enterprises, Airtel BlueJeans offers a secure, simple and seamless experience to our users. Here are the attributes that makes Airtel BlueJeans better: Restricted Meetings with Two-step Authentication: This ensures that only invited participants can join a meeting by leveraging a unique one-time pass-code that can be authenticated via email confirmation or by logging into a dedicated Airtel BlueJeans account. Data Localisation: Hosted in India for a better video conferencing experience. Screen Share Controls: Administrators can control who has access to screen share at enterprise, individual, and per-meeting levels.

Data Localisation - Businesses need services hosted in India for a better conferencing experience.

The telco has claimed that it was hosting all user data in India only. Also, all meetings that take place on the Airtel BlueJeans platform have a two-step authentication.

According to Airtel, the technology are going to be fully integrated with its network, including its data centres, and stored locally to make sure that customers are offered reliable and secure services and customer experience. Airtel BlueJeans will offer an integrated audio solution too, giving its users convenient dial-in options to hitch the meetings.

Timely Support Services - Enterprises need video conferencing solutions providers to possess the means to supply localised support services to form their business processes more agile and versatile.

Productivity & User Experience - For a seamless experience with the customers or employees, businesses are looking for better audio/visual experience, intuitive interface and smart features to make their conversations more productive and result oriented.

We at MadResult are very exited to welcome more of such innovations and are also looking forward to implement them to give you'll better user experience.

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