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  • What is a dark tweet?

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across the term “Dark Post”? Posts with dark background? Edgy content from the Gothic Victorian era? Spooky content brought from the depth of the dark web? Sure, me too. However, fortunately the reality is much plain and straightforward. In the world of social media Dark Posts are targeted posts that are positioned differently than a normal promoted or sponsored post. They show up as sponsored content in the feeds of the users specifically targeted. It does not appear in your timeline and unless you target your followers it will not appear in their feed either. Based on the social media platform on which they are published Dark post can take up a slightly different form. In this post we will gain some insights about the dark posts of twitter known as the ‘Dark Tweets’. Where do Dark Tweets Appear? Unlike other social media platforms Twitter has never admitted to labeling their invisible ads as ‘Dark Post’ or ‘Dark Tweet’. Twitter prefers to label it with a more upmarket term – ‘Promote-Only-Tweets’. Similar to Facebook’s unpublished page post, promoted-only tweets do not appear on your brand’s timeline. Instead, it is visible only to the targeted user in your ad campaign. When the promoted-only tweet is shown to the targeted user, it will appear like a standard tweet except for the label beneath it stating “Promoted by (insert your brand here)”. Apart from this, the user can share, retweet, reply or like to it as if it were a regular, organic tweet. It is to be noted that even though the promoted-only tweets are effectively hidden, they still function as live tweets. This means when a user is mentioned in the tweet (e.g “Hey @JaneDoe”), a notification will be sent to the user stating that they were mentioned in the tweet along with a direct link to the tweet. In addition, these tweets are also visible to Twitter’s data partners, as they usually have access to all the live tweets for analysis purposes. How can you create Dark Tweets? Like All Promoted Ads on Twitter, promoted-only-tweets can be created and published from your Twitter Ads account. Within Twitter As they can be either created in the campaign creator or from the main Tweet composer in the "Creatives" > "Tweets" tab. As an owner of the account, you will get a choice beneath the delivery option to select or deselect the ‘Promoted-only’ tab. The tweet will be sent to all your followers as a regular organic tweet if you don’t click on the ‘Promoted-only’ tab. On the other hand in case of campaign creation all the tweets are by default set to promoted-only. Also these tweets can be scheduled by specifying the exact date and time, when you wish it to published. What are the Benefits of Dark Tweets? With published or traditional twitter ads you can reach your target audience based on general features such as gender, age, areas of interest, etc. However, by the aid of dark tweets or promoted-only-tweets you will be able to target with a whole new level of precision. We all are aware that relevancy is one of the major factors in the success on social media. Appropriately targeted posts ensure that you are showing relatable content to the right person at the right time. This will further capture their attention and increase their potential to convert. Another great benefit about dark tweets is that they don’t take away the spotlight from your organic content. No one likes to be surrounded by spammy ad posts especially if they have started following your brand recently. Hence, it is best to show relatable and informative content to your followers rather than spamming their timelines with irrelevant ad posts. In most of the cases brands send dark tweets to influencers with considerable number of followers with the intention that they will interact with their tweet or share it on their timelines. By retweeting the posts, the influencer thereby increases the exposure of the post as now it will also visible to its followers. The authenticity of Dark Tweets is still debatable in some circles as it doesn’t ensure transparency. With its precise targeting options sometimes it is tailored in such a manner that users may even find it creepy. Hence as a brand you should maintain certain legitimate boundaries while creating such posts. Wrapping it up… Dark Tweets has a number of additional advantages in comparison to the traditional twitter ad posts. It has aided many brands to successfully and effectively achieve their business goals. Want to know whether Dark Tweet will be beneficial for your business or not? Contact Mad Result. This article was written by, Kulsum Shaikh - A knowledge geek and a client service and brand solutions associate.

  • 8 Advantages of advertising on Facebook

    We now live in a world where we have become prone to technology. Social media addiction is at its peak with Facebook being the most used social media platform of them all. From building brand awareness to gaining new customers Facebook Advertising has helped many businesses to grow online! It helps brands to deliver their message to the right audience in an interactive and fun manner. Here are a few listed benefits of advertising on Facebook over other online advertising platforms – The Most browsed Social Media Platform Facebook users hail from countries all around the globe and consist of all age groups. According to a study conducted in 2020 Facebook has 2.70 billion monthly active users. If this whopping figure doesn’t blow your mind, it also has 1.83 billion active users that visit the platform consistently every day. The same research also discovered that the most hooked users spend an average of eight hours on the social networking platform and log onto their account over 20 times a day. The majority of your potential customers are on Facebook, hence you should be on it as well. Now more than ever Facebook should be at the top of your list for advertising as it the most browsed social networking site in the world. Exceptional and Precise Targeting Capabilities To get considerable results with social media advertising, one of the most vital factors is targeting the correct audience. Facebook tends to show your ads to users who are most likely to find your ads relevant. Further, you can target your ad delivery by selecting an audience. Facebook offers an extensive range of targeting options that will aid you in finding the correct niche of your audience. It gives you precise and detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. It also allows you to target based on specific life events, which further helps you to catch your ideal customer at the perfect purchase point. A Lookalike Audience is one more targeting option that is unique to Facebook ads. Wherein, you can reach new people who are similar to your best existing customers. The level of granularity you get with Facebook targeting is beyond belief. Most Affordable Form of Advertising Facebook is the best bang-for-your-buck marketing option available today for small businesses. It delivers the best results for your business within your budget. Facebook’s improved advertising tools have resulted in a steady increase in its CTR (Click -Through -Rate). This has enabled business owners to use the platform appropriately. Due to the constant upgrades in targeting options and creativity, businesses can now effectively reach their target audience, and they can do so at a minimal cost. Your Facebook marketing cost will differ, obviously depending upon various elements including your industry, audience, objectives, and optimization settings. Just ensure that you set a decent daily budget for the ads so that you don’t surpass what you are able to spend. Far More Amplified Reach than Organic Posts In case you're maintaining a business page, you are probably not even aware that your organic post reaches only a small portion of your followers. It may sound intense, yet it’s completely true. With Facebook paid ads you will be able to reach a far wider audience than just your organic efforts. This is because in the course of the past few years Facebook has been focusing more on posts from family and friends more frequently. On the other hand, it has been decreasing the visibility of business pages in the news feed, viably putting business pages on the back seat. Chances are by spending Rs.100 per day on Facebook ads you can reach 4000 users that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you know how to correctly create and target Facebook ads, the return it will give will be worth every single penny. Retargeting Audience Who Already Know You Remarketing means advertising to visitors or audiences that have shown interest in your business or interacted with your brand in the past but haven’t purchased yet. It is another effective method of converting your potential customer, as Facebook Remarketing ads get 3 times more engagement in comparison to regular Facebook ads. It allows you to anchor on the audience who are in-market and remind them how incredible your product is or why choosing your service will be the right thing. On Facebook for retargeting you need to install the Facebook pixel – a snippet code and paste it on all the pages of your website. This pixel will track the engagement of interested users. Then from the pixel data, you can create a Custom Audience to define the users you want to retarget. Diversity in Ad Formats Facebook acquires the topmost position in terms of the range of ad options it makes available in comparison to other social media platforms. For every marketing funnel stage, there are multiple options available. However, Video ads and images are the most commonly used formats. Also, it is worth noting that all ad formats assimilate visual elements as well as some text providing you a brilliant opportunity to showcase your business along with familiarizing it. All these available ad formats can prove to be a boon for the advertisers as they help in making user-centric posts. Strong user-oriented ads boost recall value and engagement. On the other hand, a purpose-developed ad tends to seem deliberate rather than inadvertent and can often be avoided by many users. Diversity in Ad Objectives To get considerable ROI your Ad objectives should always align with your business goals. One of the major benefits of advertising on Facebook is that you get a wide range of objectives to choose from. Facebook is the only platform that favorably serves relevant ads to users at any point of their engagement journey. It aims at showing something that will rouse a user’s curiosity and persuade them to research further at the right time. These wide ranges of objectives are useful to drive a potential user towards the end goal of your business whether the user is just initiating their research or casually browsing, or upper funnel stages, or has a mindset to transact. Also, advertisers can take advantage of Facebook’s custom Call-to-Action button that helps in enhancing the performance of your ad. Robust and Measurable Performance Reporting and tracking the result is a vital component of any Ad Campaign. Facebook is boundless when it comes to giving you detailed analytics and reports about the performance of your campaign. It has an extensive set of metrics depending upon the format of the ad. There’s no requirement of guesswork or making assumptions about what is working and what is not. Facebook Ads Manager provides you a neatly arranged data of your campaign’s conversion rate and other social metrics. You can gain insights on metrics like post engagement, weekly reach, likes, conversions, clicks, and even sales. By analyzing this data, you can make the required changes in your ads to improve their performance and plan your next step towards the future strategy. Wrapping Up Facebook Advertising can take your business to new heights. But bear in mind there is a learning curve that you need to go through. Working with Ads Manager is not plain sailing, and you will not get expected results overnight. However, dedication is the key to success. If you devote your time to learning how the platform works and test your ads multiple times, you will find spending money on Facebook to be worth it. Discover how Facebook Advertising can be beneficial for your business – Contact Mad Result to Get Started Today! We are also a registered Facebook Marketing Partner which will help gain 20% better results for any performance campaigns that we run for you. This article was written by, Kulsum Shaikh - A knowledge geek and a client service and brand solutions associate.

  • Digital Marketing Agency vs In-House Marketing Team

    Since the whole pandemic era that we live in it has been noticed that 57% of companies switched from in-house marketing team to a digital marketing agency with the rich experience they bring on board. It has become evident that Online Marketing is no longer just a passing trend but an authentic marketing technique that numerous businesses are adopting – with noticeable results along the way. We know that digital marketing is a widely inclusive term that addresses diverse online techniques for promoting and developing your business. Thus, it can be complicated for an organization to come up with a robust campaign if your company lacks the time, expertise, and resources for such a venture. Hence, it seems sensible to work with a digital marketing agency. Let’s dive right in to know the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency. Feasible in terms of time and money Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, which can be a challenge to manage on your own. Maintaining a prominent digital presence involves constant and rigorous work on various aspects such as SEO, SMM, Social Media, Performance Marketing, Blogging, etc. Most of the businesses have certain limitations when it comes to spending time and money on marketing. Cost per result when working with an agency is much lesser than those who do their own marketing. Hiring extra employees just to look after digital marketing can burn a hole in your pocket. As in addition to pay roles you will need to worry about benefits, healthcare, etc. Here is where a digital marketing agency comes to your aid. As investing time and money in a digital marketing agency will be much less over a period of time in comparison to an in-house team. Powerhouse of skills and expertise You can try to run your ad campaigns yourself, keep actively posting and engaging with the audience on social media, or signup for Google Adwords campaigns alone. Unfortunately, it is likely that without expert knowledge you will lack the appropriate strategy to increase the proficiency of these practices. There is no need to pay a high price to avail services of the industry’s top experts. A digital marketing agency consists of a team of well-qualified strategists, content writers, designers, and SEO experts. They possess years of experience, diverse skills, and knowledge and hence can deliver all your marketing goals smoothly. Flexibility to grow with you Scalability can be one of the key plus points of working with a digital marketing agency. Normally, there will be a necessity of increasing your team width along with the growth of your business. This means you will need additional resources to support the healthy growth of your business. A digital marketing agency is an extension of your in-house marketing team. A digital marketing agency is versatile and has the potential to respond to the increased needs of your business. They can formulate a plan for you and keep revising it according to the changing requirements over time. Whilst all this you’re internal marketing team can focus their time and efforts on other tasks. Plethora of advanced tools Digital Marketing tools allow marketers to test, create and measure the performance of their campaigns and also ensure that marketers can test and launch campaigns effectively and quickly. They also give you an insight into your overall performance on the web. Unfortunately, the sad part is tools can get pretty expensive. Most of the tools are exclusive and the cost increases with the addition of certain features. A trusted digital marketing agency has access to all these superior tools and will be able to give you insights from them to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. Furthermore, you will not need to trawl through the web in search of the right tool for you and avoid paying a hefty price. Avail the benefit of qualified leads Lead is the driving force for any business. Even with numerous lead generation software available in the market, it remains a challenge for most of us. However, in order to get a good conversion rate, we should value the quality of leads over quantity. As quality leads have a higher potential to convert and ensure your business excels. Lead generation agencies can really help boost productivity and give genuine ROI. A digital marketing agency does the necessary research, creative thinking, and development required in selecting the target audience as it is the most important factor that could make or break your lead generation strategy. They will help you to formulate a technique and conceptualize your business approach. Impartial Point of View Numerous brands produce content that is excessively promotional. As an all-in-house team has limited experience, they struggle to think objectively about their business, which makes it incredibly hard to bring home ideas that are relatable to their audience. Also, it can be difficult for them to communicate and advice on how to improve marketing efforts as it may lead to disagreements and conflicts. An agency gives you genuine ideas that ensure your business excels. A digital marketing agency works with clients from various business types and industries. According to the needs of every business, they learn and create successful and innovative marketing techniques. You can take advantage of this insight and expertise in a very compelling and targeted way. To conclude I would say working with a digital marketing agency allows you to begin your campaigns almost straight away. You don’t have to go through the hassle of learning and setting up a team. Your campaigns can go on air within a few weeks after formulating a strategy. However, all agencies will not deliver what they promise. Hence, do your necessary research and choose the right agency near you. Looking for a better digital marketing agency let me tell you about us – Mad Result Mad Result isn’t your ordinary digital marketing agency. It is one of the leading performance-driven digital agencies in Mumbai. One of our Major stand-out points is that we have a huge experience curve in managing campaigns across various digital platforms. We focus on collaborating your and ours marketing efforts to enhance the growth of your business. Each member of our team studies intricate details about your business as though it is their own. In that manner, our work mirrors the spirit of your brand while giving customized solutions as per your brand’s needs. Click here to know more If you have any question related to digital marketing, do let me know in the comment section. This article was written by, Kulsum Shaikh - A knowledge geek and a client service and brand solutions associate.

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  • Mad Result | A Top Digital Marketing Company In Borivali Mumbai India

    award-winning A Premium Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Company In Mumbai, India Digital marketing expert Learn More mad result circle Social Media Management social media marketing girl Know more mad result circle Lead Generation lead generation man on bicycle Know more mad result circle Website Development website developer artist Know more mad result circle Logo & Branding logo andbranding lady Know more mad result circle Mobile / Email Marketing Know more moble and email marketing girl with cat mad result circle Search Engine Optimisation seo unicorn pony Know more Combining bold creativity with smart thinking, we produce great branding, advertising & marketing communications. mad result shaking hands Lets Talk Service Interested in? arrow&v Total / Annual Budget arrow&v Submit Thanks for submitting! Our Details Click Here to email us With love from Mumbai, India. Click here to see the clients we have worked with.

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    Hey there don't be sad Let us make you a kick as* Ad we are a no-limits creative digital marketing company we will help you fly when it comes to facebook or google ads 01. services some more of that Lead Generation Social Media Management Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Website Development Email Marketing ​ Adverts on News Sites ​ Mobile Marketing ​ Channel Partner Development Video Production Logo & Branding Android/IOS Application Development Online Reputation Management Services ATL/BTL Activities 3D Views ​ Programmatic Advertising 02. clients Out of gallery BLOG 03. about us a bit 04. case studies LET US HELP YOU TO CRUSH YOUR COMPETITORS we are always game on!

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    A Little(more) About Us Mad Result is an Award-Winning Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Company based in the super city of Mumbai in the awesome country of India. We have served over 100 Million+ Ad Impressions, executed more than 10,000+ ad campaigns, generated more than 100,000+ leads, and helped our clients generate more than 50Cr+ revenue since 2019. ​ At Mad Result, we believe in justifying great ROI's with creativity and transparency. Our only laser focus is on giving great results to you as a client and be happy with every step of the way with us. ​ We mean ROI – Our services are always inclined towards maximizing Returns on Investment and fewer Bullshit Talks. – “oh yeah we said that” ​ We sell A-Class digital marketing services to anyone who approaches us, may it be any budget or duration. ​ We deliver smiles to our clients and serve great ads to the prospects of those clients. The better the ad, the happier you as a client will be :) Don’t take our word for it, see below our ever-growing client's list ;) OUR LOGO It is the direct reflection of our work & and our people – Like Dynamic, committed, result-oriented, focused, transparent & yeah pretty cool people to work with too! The logo defines minimalist creative ingenious thinkers. Oh, what’s “Ingenious,” you ask, according to the G Search it means - (of a person) clever, original, and inventive. Like this definition, we cleverly inserted in the brief :-) Go ahead keep reading, don’t stop! ​ We like the Maximum way! Why do you ask? The more the better- More Dedication, More Creativity, More Dynamic Ideas, More Madness in giving you More results. Our logo speaks the “sophisticated & crazy result-oriented people” language which is called AWESOMENESS. Pheew! Sounds crazy right! Worry not, drop in an inquiry today, and see your sales jumping high like you never seen before with the power of Digital Marketing superhero! PS – If you do contact us, we assure you that we will especially escort your digital marketing problems out of the door. Yep, that’s a promise we won’t ever break! ​ PPS- If you are free for a quick duel on the play-station then again don’t hesitate, just pick up the phone, call us and say the code “PLAYSTATION GAME ON” and we will wear our game face and be ready :-) ​ PPPS- Just wanted to thank you to read everything above and hence You deserve a nice little reward! click here to listen to the latest podcast by our founder Abhishek Karnek. You surely will love it! ​ PPPPS - Now time for an inquiry of yours to submit, CLICK HERE for the magic to happen or just fill the form at the end of this page. ​ You know what these are, Load More Out of gallery Click here to contact us. Click Here to email us With love from Mumbai, India.

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