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Mad Result - Elevating Businesses with Unique Digital Marketing Strategies - Silicon India

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The digital marketing domain has grown exponentially in the past five years and is expected to continue on this path of steady growth. While marketing was once only restricted to offline modes and television and radio advertisements, digital marketing has brought a 360-degree transformation to the segment. With an expected CAGR of 19.1 percent, digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Mad Result, a Mumbai-based award-winning performance-driven digital marketing firm, is at the center of this transformation.

Founded in 2019 by Abhishek Karnik, the firm has proved its metal in a short duration since its inception. A performance-driven firm, Mad Result houses graphic designers, content writers and strategists, and performance marketers; to oversee every facet of the digital marketing solutions required by clients. To leave no stone unturned in the client's experience, Mad Result conducts in-depth research about market trends, requirements, and how to create and leverage the best content to increase traffic on the client's platform. After brainstorming and research, the team works together to design campaigns and executes its plans to assess the success rate of the techniques and ideas employed.

Here's our original feature:

Covering every aspect of digital marketing, Mad Result provides a plethora of services that help in the holistic all-around development of the brand. Mad Result is carving out a niche market across multiple services, including Branding and Logo Design, Website Development, Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Mobile/Email Marketing. Within these broad heads, the firm also provides multiple services to cover every aspect of the service, right from conceptualizing ideas to execution of the final product and tracking the targetted audience's response to it.

Helping Brands Build an Identity

Every company and brand needs to create a unique identity in the market to help it stand out. Mad Result's performance-driven approach is aimed at achieving precisely that. While interacting with clients, Mad Result tries to understand their pain points which primarily circles back to the quality of service provided, the performance of the solutions implemented, and Return on Investment; and designs relevant solutions that address these concerns and add value to the client brand.

As every new project and client poses a new challenge, Mad Result handles it expertly by devising customized strategies that are useful to that client. There is no umbrella approach or one size fits all theory applied here, as these methodologies are unsuitable for every client. To stand out and outshine the competition, the need for specially curated and targeted solutions is well-understood by Mad Result.

To stand true to its claim, Mad Result "ensures every client's experience is insightful by making data-driven decisions and understanding the Target Audience to show relevant content they can connect to. The Online Analytic tools are used to execute these media plans and digital marketing strategies to give them data-driven solutions."

With a competitive success rate and a proven track record of developing and executing smart strategies, Mad Result has served some fantastic clients like the National Stock Exchange of India, Redington, Tikka N Curry, Sheth Creators, Intel, and Majestic Group, among others.

Inspiration and Ambition

The dedication and perseverance that drives Mad Result to deliver excellence in every aspect of digital marketing are inspired by the founder of this firm, Abhishek Karnik. Described as a one-man legion, Abhishek strives to invent and deliver bold and creative smart solutions to its clients and motivates his team to aim for perfection. An extremely proactive individual, Abhishek, is not only the founder and head of Mad Result but also teaches digital marketing on Udemy as a recognized educator in this field. Inspiring and educating budding digital marketers. Abhishek believes, “An intelligent workplace that encourages its team members to embrace digital technology as much as possible because the future is entirely digital.”

Having established a firm footing in the market and emerging as one to watch, Mad Result is now working to boost its growth and expand further by refining and empowering its content marketing and equipping its analytics teams. Enthusiastic about exploring Digital marketing in Web 3.0 Metaverse, Mad Result is looking forward to boosting their clients' businesses in that configuration by implementing innovative strategies through a sub-brand Mad Meta.

This was the coverage in Silicon India - Start Up City August 2022 edition.

You can access this article in the magazine here - August Spotlight - August - 2022 - siliconindia Magazine

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