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Silkora is a saree manufacturer based in Surat, India. The effortless shopping experience for all, whether you want to purchase a single saree or want them in huge numbers to resell, Silkora is trusted and recommended by lakhs of Indians for great quality sarees.

The Problem

The client wanted a fresh branding and logo experience for them along with a website and also wanted performance marketing service to gain more sellers for their platform.

Media Used : 

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

Website Technology Used : 

  • Webflow

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 6.34.25 PM.png

The Impact

Winning Metrics

Total Leads Generated: 13,333

Total Ad Impressions: 2,469,810
Total Ad Reach: 1,828,680

Return On Ad Spends

8000% ROAS Achieved

The Branding

The Website Experience

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