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Digital Marketing Agency vs In-House Marketing Team

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Since the whole pandemic era that we live in it has been noticed that 57% of companies switched from in-house marketing teams to digital marketing agencies with the rich experience they bring on board.

It has become evident that Online Marketing is no longer just a passing trend but an authentic marketing technique that numerous businesses are adopting – with noticeable results along the way.

We know that digital marketing is a widely inclusive term that addresses diverse online techniques for promoting and developing your business. Thus, it can be complicated for an organization to come up with a robust campaign if your company lacks the time, expertise, and resources for such a venture.

Hence, it seems sensible to work with a digital marketing agency. Let’s dive right in to know the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency.

Feasible in terms of time and money

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, which can be a challenge to manage on your own. Maintaining a prominent digital presence involves constant and rigorous work on various aspects such as SEO, SMM, Social Media, Performance Marketing, Blogging, etc. Most of businesses have certain limitations when it comes to spending time and money on marketing.

Cost per result when working with an agency is much lesser than those who do their own marketing.

Hiring extra employees just to look after digital marketing can burn a hole in your pocket. As in addition to pay roles you will need to worry about benefits, healthcare, etc. Here is where a digital marketing agency comes to your aid. As investing time and money in a digital marketing agency will be much less over a period of time in comparison to an in-house team.

Powerhouse of skills and expertise

You can try to run your ad campaigns yourself, keep actively posting and engaging with the audience on social media, or signup for Google Adwords campaigns alone. Unfortunately, it is likely that without expert knowledge you will lack the appropriate strategy to increase proficiency of these practices.

There is no need to pay a high price to avail services of the industry’s top experts.

A digital marketing agency consists of a team of well-qualified strategists, content writers, designers, and SEO experts. They possess years of experience, diverse skills, and knowledge and hence can deliver all your marketing goals smoothly.

Flexibility to grow with you

Scalability can be one of the key plus points of working with a digital marketing agency. Normally, there will be a necessity of increasing your team width along with the growth of your business. This means you will need additional resources to support the healthy growth of your business.

A digital marketing agency is an extension of your in-house marketing team.

A digital marketing agency is versatile and has the potential to respond to the increased needs of your business. They can formulate a plan for you and keep revising it according to the changing requirements over time. Whilst all this you’re internal marketing team can focus their time and efforts on other tasks.

Plethora of advanced tools

Digital Marketing tools allow marketers to test, create and measure the performance of their campaigns and also ensure that marketers can test and launch campaigns effectively and quickly. They also give you an insight into your overall performance on the web. Unfortunately, the sad part is tools can get pretty expensive.

Most of the tools are exclusive and the cost increases with the addition of certain features.

A trusted digital marketing agency has access to all these superior tools and will be able to give you insights from them to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. Furthermore, you will not need to trawl through the web in search of the right tool for you and avoid paying a hefty price.

Avail the benefit of qualified leads

Lead is the driving force for any business. Even with numerous lead generation software available in the market, it remains a challenge for most of us. However, in order to get a good conversion rate, we should value the quality of leads over quantity. As quality leads have a higher potential to convert and ensure your business excels.

Lead generation agencies can really help boost productivity and give genuine ROI.

A digital marketing agency does the necessary research, creative thinking, and development required in selecting the target audience as it is the most important factor that could make or break your lead generation strategy. They will help you to formulate a technique and conceptualize your business approach.

Impartial Point of View

Numerous brands produce content that is excessively promotional. As an all-in-house team has limited experience, they struggle to think objectively about their business, which makes it incredibly hard to bring home ideas that are relatable to their audience. Also, it can be difficult for them to communicate and advice on how to improve marketing efforts as it may lead to disagreements and conflicts.

An agency gives you genuine ideas that ensure your business excels.

A digital marketing agency works with clients from various business types and industries. According to the needs of every business, they learn and create successful and innovative marketing techniques. You can take advantage of this insight and expertise in a very compelling and targeted way.

To conclude I would say working with a digital marketing agency allows you to begin your campaigns almost straight away. You don’t have to go through the hassle of learning and setting up a team. Your campaigns can go on air within a few weeks after formulating a strategy. However, all agencies will not deliver what they promise. Hence, do your necessary research and choose the right agency near you.

Looking for a better digital marketing agency let me tell you about us – Mad Result

Mad Result isn’t your ordinary digital marketing agency. It is one of the leading performance-driven digital agencies in Mumbai. One of our Major stand-out points is that we have a huge experience curve in managing campaigns across various digital platforms. We focus on collaborating your and ours marketing efforts to enhance the growth of your business.

Each member of our team studies intricate details about your business as though it is their own. In that manner, our work mirrors the spirit of your brand while giving customized solutions as per your brand’s needs.

If you have any question related to digital marketing, do let me know in the comment section.

This article was written by,

Kulsum Shaikh - A knowledge geek and a client service and brand solutions associate.

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